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Fermentation is an ancient technique used to transform, as well as preserve many varieties of foods and drinks. As a consequence, not only do fermented foods last a very long time, but they are claimed to have more bio-available nutrients and to be more digestible than their raw or cooked counterparts. As microbes have undone (digested) much of what nature had locked up by breaking down cell walls, this may ring true. There may also be many more benefits behind fermentation that science will shortly show us in the EU and when EFSA (European Food Safety Authority = FDA in the US) establishes that, we’ll share that knowledge with you. Fermentation has also been used throughout the world for millennia and by almost every single culture.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB´s), that lead to the fermentation of various substrates are prehistoric and present on all fruits, vegetables, raw milk, etc., along with being present on virtually everything, including ourselves. With the absence of oxygen, crucial to the suppression of dangerous moulds and yeasts, lactic acid bacteria begin to metabolise any given organic substrate and produce antimicrobial and anti-pathogenic substances, namely Lactic Acid, which produces an environment with a Ph that is intolerable to unwanted microbes.

There are also beneficial moulds and yeasts that not only ferment but are essential to the fermentation of products such as alcohol, kombucha, kefir, bread, as well as cheese and lend themselves to rich flavour profiles in said products.


Fermented food has a great deal of benefits

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    Fermentation is one of the oldest food preservation techniques, creating an unsuitable environment for unhealthy microbes.

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    Fermented goods like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir and Kombucha are versatile and make a part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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    We don’t pasteurise our fermented goods. Experiencing the evolution in flavours from young to mature is the beauty behind fermentation.

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    Our raw and unpasteurised fermented goods go straight from our fermentation workshop to your table, ensuring freshness every time.



Let us share what we have learnt about fermenting foods and drinks with you. With over 40 collective years of experience fermenting, we can make sure you have the right equipment and knowledge to ensure a great experience with fermenting in your own home.

We also offer classes for children as a part of further learning for science class, home economics and others. If you’re a teacher looking for a different type of field-trip or if you’d like us to visit your school, drop us a line!


Upon entering our shop in Barcelona, you will find all that is needed for food and non-alcoholic drink fermentation.

Not only do we offer fermentation equipment, cultures and ingredients, but also expertise and advice on your individual fermentation questions and needs.

Come visit us and share your fermentation projects, queries and questions. We will be very happy to supply you with the right knowledge and materials.

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