Kombucha La Valiente (The Brave) found its roots in Hawaii where the two founders; Mireia and Javier, discovered it for the first time in 2013. They later travelled to existing breweries in California to learn the trade and by 2016, the two had moved back to Tarragona and started their very own Kombucha brewery. La Valiente produces small batch artisanal Kombucha using traditional tecniques and strictly respecting fermentation times. It is brewed with all natural bio ingredients from responsable farming sources and is never pasteurized, preserving all the benefits of a naturally fermented beverage of this caliber.

At Ferment 9, we have come to a time where space is of the essence. As such, we have decided to work in collaboration with Kombucha La Valiente for our kombucha production needs as we feel that their values match ours perfectly. We have shipped our kombucha vessels to Tarragona where La Valiente team will supply with exclusive formats of their own kombucha and will also become the new home of Ferment 9’s kombucha. It will be produced mirroring our traditional methods and with new flavours and recipes.

 This is La Valiente exclusive for Ferment 9!

“We want to bring good GUT FEELINGS to our customers by means of a KOMBUCHA that’s rich in nutrients, flavour and values. That’s the spirit of La Valiente!”

Kombucha La Valiente

“We are all passionate about KOMBUCHA and obsessed with QUALITY; traits you will experience in every bottle!”

 Ferment 9

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