Kombucha La Valiente Liliko´i and Clítoria 500ml

Combination of green and black teas, osmotic water, cane sugar, and the symbiosis of yeast and good bacteria, macerated with liliko’i (passion fruit) and clitoria flower. It has natural bubbles. You will not see big bubbles, you will notice a fine fizz on the tongue.


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Magical, fresh and different. The color is natural, there are no artificial colors in this kombucha. The color is given by a flower called clitoria, also “Butterfly Pea Flower”, it is a blue flower of Asian origin. When mixed with an acidic, low PH ingredient; such as lemon, passion fruit or kombucha itself, it transforms into a lilac / pink color. Is magic! Nature gives us these gifts, so we take any excuse to have fun and do different things.

The flavor of this kombucha is tropical, the passion fruit, also called liliko’i and passion fruit, is a round fruit with seeds and juice inside, it has a strong, acid flavor because it is a citrus, but at the same time sweet and very peculiar. What are you waiting to try it?