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Kombucha La Valiente Orange and Carrot 500ml

Combination of white and oolong tea, osmotic water, cane sugar, and the symbiosis of yeast and good bacteria, and cold-pressed orange and carrot juice. It has natural bubbles. You will not see big bubbles, you will notice a fine fizz on the tongue.


Smooth, refined, pleasant. The mixture of Oolong and white tea makes it special from the other Kombuchas, a different selection and combination.

Oolong tea is a tea with an oxidation level between black and green tea. White tea comes from the youngest and most delicate buds, the leaves collected one by one, go through a gentle drying process, and ensure high levels of antioxidants. And it has half the caffeine of green tea.

The orange and carrot have an illuminating color, a refreshing citrus touch and a vegetable full of good properties make a delicious combination.