Mama Sue

Quality Control



Sue Calderisi is Matt’s mother. She has witnessed Matt’s interest in fermentation go from a hobby as a boy to a passion that led Matt to open the first dedicated ferment shop anywhere.

Sue’s own fermentation awakening began 6 years ago when she began to have arthritis symptoms. She started making her own Golden Paste, a concoction of turmeric, black pepper, raw honey (probiotic), ginger, cinnamon and coconut oil. Something she still makes today and which Ferment 9 sells.

In 2013 Matt gave Sue a call to tell her he had found the perfect apartment for her in Barcelona but that she had until the evening to decide. Sue weighed up the near constant sunny days in Barcelona compared to the interminable winters of Montreal, decided to give it a try and said yes.

She busied herself in her art studio making stained glass windows until Matt decided to make fermenting his full-time job. He enlisted her help and she had been by his side since the beginning.

Sue keeps the books, gets the labels on, and inventories the stock. No admin job gets left behind with Sue in charge. She enjoys being part of the dynamic Ferment 9 team. No two days are the same and there are always good things to eat and drink. Although she didn’t start out loving kimchi, Matt convinced her to give it a try. She now counts kimchi, water kefirs and the sauerkraut salad among her top 3 favourite Ferment 9 products.